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Global Warming and Its Effects on Human Life



The longer we wait to take drastic action against global warming and climate change, the more of a menace they are. Though its effects are already being seen in droughts, storms, wildfires, and previously unheard-of temperature extremes on both ends of the spectrum, it's not too late to slow it down and lessen the consequences.

The gradual increase in temperature brought on by the rising concentration of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere is referred to as global warming. These greenhouse gases include chlorofluorocarbons, methane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and ozone in the troposphere. They enable shortwave solar radiation to penetrate the atmosphere and warm the surface of the Earth. The same greenhouse gases then trap longwave radiation, the energy that the planet's surface radiates, warming the air, oceans, and land. This is referred to as "the greenhouse effect."

The greenhouse effect alone has no negative effects. In fact, without it, Earth wouldn't be warm enough just to support life. The risk comes from the combination of the cumulative effects of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases. Burning coal, oil and gas results in massive emissions of greenhouse gases, the most common of which is CO2. Our planet's ability to keep a constant temperature is hampered by the gases produced since they accumulate more quickly than the atmosphere can absorb them. Our world is seeing rates of gas concentration in the air not seen previously in the 200,000-year duration of human existence when population growth, industry expansion, and substantial deforestation are combined.

Global warming is sometimes wrongly assumed to be much like climate change, however there are a few fundamental aspects of each that keep them separate. Global warming is the term used just to describe the planet's increasing temperatures, although climate change also refers to the occurrences that result from warming, such as the melting of glaciers, heavier rainstorms, bitter cold spells, or frequent droughts that spark out-of-control wildfires.

What Consequences Does Global Warming Have?

·        Unusual Weather

More extreme weather and climatic occurrences, like heat waves and droughts, will occur as the earth warms.

·        Polar Vortexes

The term "vortex" refers to the counter clockwise air flow that keeps the colder air near the poles and describes the enormous area of reduced pressure and cold air that encompasses the Earth's North and South Poles. The polar vortex is disrupted and weakened as Arctic Sea ice decreases, which allows more heat to exit from the ocean and sends cold air south.

·        Heat Waves

Heat waves are periods of unusually hot weather that linger for days or even weeks. These have been happening more frequently lately, especially from 2011, when there were roughly three times as many strong heat waves than there typically are.

·        Melting Glaciers

Over the next 100 years, according to the International Panel on Climate Change, Earth's surface temperatures will rise by nearly 12°F. As a result, many areas will completely lose their snow cover and icecaps, and the sea ice there at poles will continue to melt, raising sea levels.

A few ways you can help:

·        less driving

·        Change to a (used) hybrid or electric vehicle

·        Using solar panels

·        Reducing, Reusing, and recycling

·        Use renewable energy instead


Even if you may not realize it, the majority of us produce massive amounts of greenhouse gas emissions when we use the resources we require, which has an impact on the climate of the planet. Make the best effort possible to keep the earth clean so that you and your future generations can enjoy a healthy environment.


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