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Wireless/Bluetooth Headphones now in Market


Anyone reading this blog probably have a pair of earphones in their home. It might be a beloved old pair that is connected to your stereo or a cheap set of earbuds that came with your previous smartphone and are tangled up in a ball in a drawer. Headphone technology has changed very little over the last few years. It's very simple - sound travels from a source through a cable to a speaker placed above (or in) your ear. The biggest development in recent years has been the addition of Bluetooth technology, which enables wireless transmission, allowing you to listen to music without the hassle of cables.

So how do they function? Simply put, your headphones receive sound that has been transmitted via Bluetooth from a source, such as your smartphone, laptop, TV, etc. This allows us to move freely without being tied to your source with a range of about 10m. Additionally, wireless headphones give you the ability to start and stop the music, change the volume, and skip tracks right from the headphones. The best part? You don't have to give up great sound for convenience because the majority of wireless headphones transfer music in really good quality.

Wireless headphones have a very similar appearance in terms of design, with bigger variants that drape over your ears and tiny earbud-style devices that comfortably fit in your ear. Some in-ear wireless headphones contain a cable that transmits sound between the two bud-like devices, frequently with a little component that also serves as the microphone and playback control. Other in-ear designs have no connecting cable, and the earbuds connect to each other wirelessly. This design is referred to as "truly wireless."

While all Bluetooth headphones operate in roughly the same manner, there are a few unique characteristics that certain Bluetooth headphones have that can improve your listening experience more enjoyable:

Microphone: Most modern wireless headphones come equipped with one, but if you want to be able to answer calls without taking off your headphones, make sure to check.

Waterproof/sweat-proof: This is a vital characteristic to check for if you’re intending on wearing your headphones while exercising or swimming.

Voice Assistant: Some headphones are compatible with your smart phone's Voice Assistant, enabling you to carry out a variety of tasks without taking your phone out of your pocket or bag.

Wireless headphones come in a range of designs, sizes and price-points. We take great satisfaction in having a large selection, and you will find one to suit your needs.


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